FAQ Category: cure for CP

Q12 Are Orthotics, Casts and Splints made for children living with CP?

Most children with CP will be prescribed orthotics, casts or splints to supplement their therapy programs. These should be custom made for your child and help to provide stability, keep joints in position, and help…

Q11 What kinds of medications are available for children?

Children may take medication for conditions associated with CP, such as seizures. Drugs may sometimes be prescribed for severe spasticity or painful spasms. Spasticity can be temporarily reduced by nerve blocking injections. A recent development…

Q10 What are the treatment options?

There are numerous treatment options available to people with CP. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy all play an important role in the long-term well-being of a person living with cerebral palsy. Other therapies include Hyperbaric…

Q9 Is there a cure for CP?

No. Because CP is a condition and not a disease, the best way to address the challenges it presents is to develop a treatment plan that is best suited to each individual.

Communication Devices include:

1. Symbol boards 2. Voice synthesizers 3. Head sticks and keyguards for computers