FAQ Category: Is CP contagious

Q6 Is CP hereditary or life threatening?

No. CP is not hereditary and not life threatening.

Q5 Is CP contagious?

No. CP is a condition, not a disease.

Q4 Does CP affect everyone the same way?

No. CP affects everyone differently. With so many different causes of CP, it is no surprise that it takes many forms. Every person with CP is a unique individual, but is likely to be classified…

In Early Childhood

CP can occur if a young child suffers brain damage due to: 1. Infections such as meningitis 2. Brain hemorrhages 3. Head injury following falls, car accidents or abuse 4. A lack of oxygen (asphyxia)…

Communication Devices include:

1. Symbol boards 2. Voice synthesizers 3. Head sticks and keyguards for computers