FAQ Category: What causes CP?

During Labour

1. Premature delivery 2. Abnormal positioning of the baby (such as breech or transverse lie) which makes delivery difficult 3. Rupture of the amniotic membranes leading to fetal infection

Q2 What causes CP?

Any damage to the developing brain, whether caused by genetic or developmental disorders, injury or disease, may produce CP.

During Pregnancy

Anything which tends to produce a low birth weight baby will increase the likelihood of CP. Factors during pregnancy which may cause CP include: 1. Multiple births (twins or triplets) 2. A damaged placenta which…

Q3 What types of equipment aids might a person with CP use to get around or to communicate with others?

An enormous range of aids and adaptive equipment are now available for people with disabilities. As the number of elderly people in Canada increases, more daily living aids are coming on to the market. Adaptive…