Meet the Founder

Kawan Aondofa-Anjira has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from Benue State University, Makurdi-Benue State. She is a Banker by profession and a Care Giver by calling. She started supporting and caring for the needy during her youth corps days; this earned her several awards and commendations like the NYSC (FCT) Honours award, the Abuja Children’s Home, Federal Capital Territory and the Federal Ministry of Information commendations.

She developed a life time ambition of starting a home for the less privileged during her youth service days while carrying out community development service (CDS) at the Abuja Children’s Home Karu as a volunteer Nanny. And her experience in searching for support, information and care for nursing her TWO children Sedoo and Aondofa born with cerebral palsy finally conceived the idea of the sedoo initiative for children with special needs.

She has committed her life in working to improve the lives of children who amongst many difficulties require attention, love and care. She has developed strength and resilience beyond many others; she empathises with mothers of families in similar situation, pains, frustrations and hopelessness and believes that mothers of children with special needs can all get better with a little support from people around.
Married to Mr. Aondofa Abraham Anjira, they are blessed with four, children, two boys and two girls. Two of these children were born with brain abnormalities.

She believes that every child is a gift from God, loved by Him and cherished by their families; all children therefore should have the opportunity to know and experience love and caring of the family and community. She targets at working with parents who share a common interest in developing support and recourses for those children who are partially disabled by a physical, development or other condition.
Each child is unique! Some of our children may have a variety of special needs and would need a more individualised approach to life; more active hands are required to be on deck in building a caring and actively supportive environment.

Through the Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs (SECHILD) she is providing support, information and to preaching the message that every child is specially created, every child has a purpose for his or her existence and that every life is created beautifully and uniquely.