Founder’s Name-KAWAN-Meaning and Impact

“KAWAN what is in a name”

Written by Mr.Aondona Solomon Igbayue.

KAWAN.The meaning of the name literally translated is ‘it’s a child”.

What could have made her parents pronounce ‘every child is a child’on her many years ago was actually a proclamation of her destiny from birth.

Her service to the less previledged earned her an NYSC award and many others.

God blessed her with a daughter with cerebral palsy.

There is a practice in our society of killing such children by drowning and other means tagging them’ka wan GA’,snake incarnates or evil spirits.

But God’s grace enabled her to understand that ‘KAWAN kporkpor'(it’s a legitimate child). As she was finding out how best to care for her, she had another child, a boy born with similar challenges as her daughter’s.

This experience and the search for a care center and information on how to care for these children led her to establish SECHILD,a residence physiotherapy and care center.

Through SECHILD and her work with special children, I can say that every child ka KAWAN.

I celebrate KAWAN Aondofa-Anjira for living her name, life, purpose and destiny.

There is nothing more than this work with the weak whose life is dependent on others.

Many children would have lost their lives today if not that God has raised KAWAN for them.

Even if KAWAN has spend her life as the best in all yet forgot the true meaning of her name,it would be a misplaced priority.

The fulfillment I see in KAWAN in Caring for those with special needs is indeed a confirmation that every child KA-WAN….

Her father chief Igirgi Jeremiah Agir was indeed , very right.