Implementation of Strategies

1.    Awareness Creation: Nigerian community with greater focus on the North-Central zone is targeted on the awareness creation of special needs children with emphasis on children with Cerebral Palsy. The communities will be sensitized on the causes of cerebral palsy as it is the commonest problem of children with neurological disorder. The knowledge of CP will reduce mal-practices of neglect and eventual deaths or the actual putting to death of these category of children due to myths and traditional beliefs.

2. Baseline Assessment: A baseline assessment for Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders has been conspicuously absent in Nigeria. The studies that are documented are therapeutic based such as growth monitoring and weight. SECHILD will conduct a baseline assessment of the target community on Cerebral Palsy to determine the prevalence and challenges faced by the CP children. The data generated will be analyzed and the information thereof will provide guidance on the direction of specific area and support needs of the special children in the communities.

3.Capacity Building for Parents/Care-Givers to Provide Care and Support: Care-Givers capacity is paramount here as this will enhance their knowledge on the causes of Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders and the attendant delayed progress in the growth in height, weight and failure to generally develop like their counterparts.

a.SECHILD admits into the home children with equal

      numbers of Care-Givers

b. The Care Givers are institutionalized in the SECHILD Center at the   

     beginning to train and monitor the care services prescribed

     by the Neuro-Therapist. For those who may be unable to stay in

     the Center, they can come on alternate days for   review of the

     care and continuing training

c. There will be tracking of defaulters in their homes through     

     household (HH) visitation

d. The Center admits children with critical conditions until the 

     Caregiver’s are able to cope with the care and support of these


e. The strategies for care and support in the center is also aimed at

     greatly reducing of Stigma and discrimination on the affected

     persons and families

4. Community Involvement and Dialogue: The success of SECHILD project is dependent on the support of the community and traditional leaders, traditional shrine keepers who determine the death of these children, the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and the affected family members. These groups are being co-opted as team members of the SECHILD Center.

a. The community members will form: Cerebral Palsy Support

     Groups; (CPSG) for the protection of the interest of “special

     Needs children”

b. They will participate in the SECHILD Center quarterly review


c. They will also nominate community members as volunteers for

     the SECHILD Center etc.

5. Advocacy:   Advocacy will be carried out to Federal, States and Local Governments with a focus on policy makers at each level. This is aimed at lobbying for the promulgation of laws that will protect the special child in his or her community. Advocacy visits will be on the continuous basis to ensure the objective is achieved.

6. Collaboration with Government and other Partners: The success of SECHILD’s goals also depends on collaborative efforts linkages       with government as well as other development implementing partners in Nigeria. SECHILD is strategically partner with Federal and States Ministries of Health, Education and Women Affairs and Social

Development (F/SMWA&SD) and Social Welfare Department in the Local Government areas. Federal and State Governments have some initiative that streamline certain categories with F/SMWA&SD and will help in conscientizing those responsible for special needs children on the roles of Government to improve their lots.

Projections: Planning Ahead and New Perspectives

Ø Strategic Refocusing on Key Objectives and Programmes. To develop a framework for guiding SECHILD’s focus for the next five (5) years. Through situation review of project areas and organizational SWOT analysis

Ø Innovative Approaches to Fundraising Drives, including sourcing home –grown initiatives

Ø Capacity Development for Staff/Handlers of SECHILD Center