One Adult Pampers For Kawan On Her Birthday

One Adult Pampers For Kawan On Her Birthday

One Adult Pampers For Kawan On Her Birthday

The name Kawan literally means ‘It is A Baby’.

Knowing our culture, the name would easily mean that someone in her family stood bold in the face of God several years ago on November 1st to thank Him and say, yes lord, this is a female child But she is a child, a baby, all the same. 

Wonder no further, Kawan was the third daughter of her parents…you guessed right.

Kawan Aondofa Anjira, nee Girgir has since become a mother of four children. Two, Aondofa and Secivir were born with cerebral Palsy. The least she worried about at this time, would be the gender of the children.

Along side her husband, Kawan has since established a home for children born with cerebral Palsy and has continued to rescue them from th cold hands of fettish people, helpless hands of families and loved ones as well as a physiotherapy home to tend to these children.

Cerebral palsy is non-life-threatening – With the exception of children born with a severe case, cerebral palsy is considered to be a non-life-threatening condition. Most children with cerebral palsy are expected to live well into adulthood. Though incurable, Cerebral Palsy is Non-Progressive – The brain lesion is the result of a one-time brain injury and will not produce further degeneration of the brain.

Cerebral Palsy is Permanent – The injury and damage to the brain is permanent. The brain does not ‘heal1 as other parts of the body might. Because of this, the cerebral palsy itself will not change for better or worse during a person’s lifetime. On the other hand, associated conditions may improve or worsen overtime.

Cerebral Palsy is not Contagious – It is not communicable -mostly, cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the developing brain. However, a person can intentionally or unintentionally increase the likelihood a child will develop cerebral palsy through abuse, accidents, medical malpractice, negligence, or the spread of a bacterial or viral infection. But the good news is 

Cerebral Palsy is Manageable

Having a child with special needs can be taunting enough, and no, God gave gave Kawan two children born with this situation. Her experience led her to establish SECHILD. A home for ceberal Palsy children. She founded this home with support from her husband and siblings and well meaning Nigerians.

Today is her birthday and below is her desire, as captured on her Facebook page.

Kawan Aondofa-anjira

October 29 at 10:53am

My friends,friends of SECHILD,Advocates and partners of SECHILD,November 01 which is on a Tuesday this year is my birth anniversary.You can start getting diapers (biggest size) for me .Thank you for making the day memorable for me with the gift of diapers.God bless you richly for joining in the celebration of my birth anniversary and also supporting our special children.May you also be celebrated in your life

Her goal is to provide children with special needs the care that is not currently being covered by any form of medical insurance, nor provided by a community program.

SECHILD’s target is to create a community of support, encouragement and guidance through their website

SECHILD is developing a healthy relationship with other non-profit and for-profit programs in Nigeria and beyond to support children with special needs and guide families of mese children in obtaining the resources available to them.

Her strategic objectives remain;

To provide love, care and support to special needs children
To provide medical assistance for special needs children
To create opportunities for self-actualization by promoting educational development of these children through sponsorship and training
To promote a better delivery of educational services for effective intellectual growth of special needs children
To give hope to the dreams and aspiration of children to attain their potentials
To provide professional support and information to families of special needs children

Today, stand up for something, support Kawan to actualise these objectives as she has made them plain upon the tables.

Happy Birthday Kawan Aondofa Anjira nee Girgir,
May your dreams be actualised this year as you continue to break boundaries

Donate one adult pampers Only, for the special needs children at SECHILD.


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