SECHILD Overview

Research has demonstrated that when children are provided the adequate tools they need for their unique skills and ability, they can fully enhance their cognitive, social and emotional development. The need for these tools is even more crucial among children with disabilities and medical conditions (special needs). Early and continual interventions are powerful tools that can enable children with special needs to live a more full and active life.

Although every special-needs child is different and every family is unique, there are some common concerns that link parents of challenged children, including getting appropriate care and accommodations: promoting acceptance in the extended family, school and community; planning for an uncertain future; and

adjusting routines and expectations. Parents of children with special needs are often more flexible, compassionate and resilient than other parents. SECHILD takes the collaborative approach of working through indigenous local partners to promote community ownership and build technical/management capacity for programme sustainability.

Target Group

SECHILD targets children/persons with disabilities that are termed “special needs” and their parents or care givers within the North-Central geographical zone including Benue, Kogi, Nassarawa, Niger, Plateau and Federal Capital Territory. Also targeted are policy makers including government authorities for lobbying and advocacy and

gatekeepers of the communities. The organization aims at contributing to the reduction and or eradication of plight of “special children” in communities in Nigeria. Traditional mal-practices against “special children” and create an enabling environment for them.