Advocacy for Cerebral Palsy at the 2024 NKST Church Mkohol u Mzough U Kase

???? Reflecting on a Transformative Discussion and Advocacy for Cerebral Palsy at the 2024 NKST Church Mkohol u Mzough U Kase (Women Fellowship Conference) ????

As a member of the Mzough U Kase and a leader in my home Church, I felt a strong urge to bring advocacy and enlightenment to our annual conference, attended by women from across the entire Federal Capital Territory and neighboring states of Niger and Nassarawa. The depth of engagement and support we encountered during our discussion on Cerebral Palsy at the NKST Church 2024 Women Fellowship Conference was truly inspiring. It was an honor to shed light on this critical topic and stand alongside compassionate and committed women in advocating for the rights of children with CP.

The unwavering enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the conference attendees, as they pledged to take the message back to their communities and advocate for change, reinforced my belief in the power of collective action. Together, as members of the Mzough U Kase and leaders in our respective churches, we hold the ability to break down the barriers of discrimination and stigmatization faced by children with disabilities.

The influx of calls and requests for support from parents and caregivers in the days following the conference has been both humbling and affirming. It highlights the urgent need for organizations like SECHILD to continue providing assistance and comfort to children with CP and their families.

As we move forward, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to advocacy, trusting that our united voices will bring about real change and ensure that every child with CP receives the respect and opportunities they deserve in society. May SECHILD be granted the strength and resilience to continue its mission of uplifting the lives of these children and their families. ????#NKSTConference#CerebralPalsyAwareness#Advocacy#SECHILD#MakingADifference

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