Advocacy Planning Workshop organized for partner organizations by Liliane Fonds through The Leprosy Mission Nigeria on 4th -7th June, 2023 in Abuja

A great time being trained with other partners and an opportunity for bigger partnerships.

The TLM team always organizes comprehensive and impactful trainings.This was lively, interactive and very informative training.

SECHILD appreciates Liliane Fonds and TLMN for another opportunity to be equipped for a more robust and effective advocacy.

SECHILD team is more confident and better positioned for effecting the desired change.

We organized a training on 16th June,2023 in partnership with @Liliane Fonds through @The Leprosy Mission Nigeria in Kuje Area Council for Community Based Service Providers,Parents and Caregivers to lead awareness creation on the rights, respect and dignity of children/persons with disabilities, their achievements, capabilities and contributions to the society.

The training was on Psychological First Aid, skills to respond to children with disabilities in distress, empathy and active listening skills, increased communication and non-judgmental thinking about others
with the aim of supporting access to services for hard-to-reach communities.

More than Fifty (50) Community Based Service Providers, Parents and Caregivers were trained on how to reach out to children with disabilities especially Cerebral Palsy, their families/caregivers and to facilitate their access to health services if the need arises.

They were also trained to lead sensitization in their communities, other public spaces and provide counselling for parents and caregivers.

The training covered Disability Rights And Inclusion: types of disability on the basis of severity and functional limitations.

It focused on accessibility and universal design to ensure inclusion of children and persons with disabilities among other related issues.

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