Happy 10th Birthday Star Boy

Inchstones are every bit as amazing as milestones, and progress at any pace is to be celebrated. Tersoo my son, your life and testimony is a reference point, it fills a big part of the message we preach and the work we do.I’m super proud of how you have turned out and inspired to continue advocating for children in similar situation. Today and always, I wish that you are happy, you have a full life, and you are surrounded by people who recognize,respect, admire, and acknowledge your abilities. I pray that you will never feel self -conscious about your disability or difference.You will be your own advocate and someday, you will have a satisfying job, work that is meaningful and interesting and you will have the confidence to be proud of all that you are and all that you have achieved. The Sedoo Initiative for children with Special Needs-SECHILD, advocates, parents,caregivers and I are tremendously proud of you. Not because of how far you’ve come,but because you are proof

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