How Tersoo was saved from untrue damnation

In every society, children with special needs have the same social needs as other children. They need to be loved and respected. They need opportunities to develop and to use their bodies and minds to their fullest ability. They need to feel accommodated and appreciated in their families and communities. ​Unfortunately, in many villages and communities in Nigeria, children with special needs are not given the full chance they deserve. Too often, people see them for only what is not normal or different in their sight without trying to understand their medical condition. This brings us to the story our Star Boy .Tersoo at a year one month was not developing as expected or should.His ignorant family and community concluded that Tersoo was not a human being, indeed from the spirit world and should be sent back to where they presumed he came from by killing using a traditional medicine man. ​In November 2014, all was concluded for Tersoo to be sent back to the spirit world where he and indeed children with special needs are presumed to have come from.
​SECHILD team got information and responded quickly by tracing where Tersoo was taken to in order to save his life. The team eventually found the place. Though the process of retrieving him was cumbersome, the team succeeded and Tersoo has been under SECHILD care.
​It is amazing: Tersoo is about the only child in SECHILD Center that can walk.
This is a life that would have been wasted nine years ago. Only God knows the number of children with special children needs that have lost their lives due to ignorance
​We are happy that Tersoo has grown into a handsome, bright and promising boy. .
​Each child has his or her special needs and until Parents and Caregivers figure out and meet these needs, many of these children would be wasted by ignorance.
​All children have the same basic needs. They need love, good food, care, acceptance and shelter. They also need the chance to explore their own bodies and the world about them as fully as they can.
​These children only have a medical condition which we must educate ourselves and communities about and not continue to live in lack of correct information, wasting the precious lives of our special angels.
​Children with special meds deserve the right to life, they have not displeased any god nor come from the spirit world, neither are the parents of such children paying for their sins.

Happy 10th birthday our Star Boy.
We celebrate you.

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