Killing of Children with Cerebral Palsy on the Increase, Says Group

A group, the SEEDOO Initiative for Children with Special Needs at the weekend cried out over the increasing spate of killing of children with celebral palsy in the country.

Celebral palsy is an ailment or impairment that leads to brain damage or partial development of the brain, which often results in the breakdown of the nerves and their functions.

Founder of the group, Mrs Kawan Aondofa Anjira, told journalists in Abuja that high cases of killing of children with celebral palsy remain on the increase, and therefore called for drastic action by government to protect such children’s rights.

She said: “Children born with celebral palsy deserve the right to life, because these kids are being killed everyday. They deserve the right to education. Look at the classrooms, most of the classrooms cannot take these children. They also deserve the right to good health.

“Because you know it’s very difficult to get places where you could go to that they will tell you what’s wrong with the child and how the child would be cared for and treated. Well, most of them are not able to do many things; they are not able to sit, talk, walk or stand.”

Meanwhile, a university don has said medical errors in Nigeria appear to be some of the main contributory factors to increasing cases of deaths in hospitals across the country.

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