SECHILD Joins Keeping Children Safe network

I am delighted to be able to welcome The Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs-SECHILD to the Keeping Children Safe network.

Samuel Gordon
KCS Network

Congratulations Team SECHILD!

The Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs-SECHILD as an organization declares her commitment to safeguarding all children and all its members.

The organization joined KCS Network and has officially become a member. SECHILD looks forward to learning and having a deeper understanding of safeguarding and keeping her children who are most vulnerable safe and protected.

Every child deserves the right to life, care and protection. SECHILD’s key driver is to fully implement child safeguarding and become a reference point for being dedicated to child safety.

At The Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs-SECHILD, staff, parents, donors, vendors, volunteers, interns, children, visitors, caregivers and all who work with the organization understand that all forms of abuse and exploitation suffered by children are unacceptable.

SECHILD ensures that all children who come in contact with her activities and staff are safe from all forms of abuse and exploitation. The organization is committed to protecting children and would ensure that children SECHiLD works with are not harmed or abused as a result of SECHILD’s actions.

The organization will sanction staff, Donors or partners abusing children and is committed to working to prevent it .SECHILD expects All staff and representatives to understand how important it is to keep children safe and to uphold it.

Also, child protection is a corporate and individual responsibility. It extends beyond a professional role in the workplace to conduct in one’s personal life. SECHILD has zero tolerance to child abuse and staff. All staff are made familiar with the need for a child protection concern in all that they do. Associations with anyone found to be engaging in abusive and exploitative relationships with children should be broken.

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