Therapy for 50 Children with Disability in Nigeria

???? Join the Movement! ????

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your steadfast dedication to SECHILD’s noble cause of providing crucial residential care and rehabilitation for children battling Cerebral Palsy. Your support is nothing short of transformative!

Imagine the impact of your monthly contribution—whether it’s 5,000, $10, £10, or more—directly shaping the lives of these extraordinary children. Your generosity fuels essential services like feeding, residential care, speech therapy, and physio/occupational therapy, offering them hope and a chance at a brighter future.

With fervor and purpose, let’s rally behind The Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs and channel our support through the following bank accounts:

002849548 (Naira) – Guarantee Trust Bank

1013520015 (Naira) – Zenith Bank

5601004308 (Naira) – Fidelity Bank

0028497555 (USD) – Guarantee Trust Bank

5250417751 (USD) – Fidelity Bank

Alternatively, your contribution can also find its way through Global Giving, where every penny counts towards our shared mission of bringing relief and joy to these brave souls. Click the link below to make your impact:…/therapy-for-50-children…/

For deeper insights and opportunities to make a tangible difference, visit our website:

Stay engaged with our inspiring journey across various platforms:

???? Facebook: @sechildcenter

???? Twitter: @sechild

???? Instagram: @sechild

For any queries or to connect further, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Together, let’s weave a tapestry of hope and transformation in the lives of these incredible children. Your unwavering compassion and support mean everything to us! ????#Donate#CerebralPalsyAwareness#SupportChildren

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