Village Square Dialogue

Village Square Dialogue with Traditional Leaders, Religious Leaders, Primary Health Service Providers, National Health Insurance Agency, Ministry of Health, AWWIDI, CSOs, Parents, Caregivers, Media and other Stakeholders in Kuje Area Council on 17 May, 2023

The Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs-SECHILD seeks to facilitate quality access to primary health care services for children with disabilities particularly children with Cerebral Palsy in rural communities as guaranteed by law.

SECHILD cannot accommodate all children with Cerebral Palsy in her residential therapy care center. Therefore, the initiative is addressing the discrimination and harmful practices and abuse of fundamental human rights of such children in communities.

The Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs-SECHILD has been facilitating advocacy activities to get buying and support of community leaders. But beyond this, the initiative held a Village Square meeting on Wednesday 17, May 2023 in Kuje to dialogue and promote mutual accountability between primary health service providers and service users (children with disabilities, parents and caregivers). The forum created opportunity for discussions about the myth surrounding children with special needs, quality of the services delivered to them at primary health centers. The meeting was attended by stakeholders from Health Care workers, CSOs, AWWIDI, Traditional and Religious Leaders, Community Groups, Children with special needs, Parents/Caregivers, partners and media.

The Village Square Dialogue is supported by Liliane Fonds through The Leprosy Mission Nigeria under the project Improving Access to Primary Health Care Service for Children with Disabilities in Kuje.

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